I have been lucky enough to have work with many great people on games, trailers, film projects and an e-book. Sadly, some of our final products are not available online as of yet.

"Bloody Mary" game, Dec 2012-July 2013, Concept Environment Art Lead
The project has a blog so head over there to see how the team's progress is:

Book trailer for Isabel Allende's Maya's Notebook, March-April 2013, Director/Co-editor/Storyboarder/VisDev artist

"In Isabel Allende's latest novel Maya's Notebook, like in all great novels, we feel the character's thoughts and emotions inside our own heads. It was great to see how the SJSU students adapted Isabel's work into visual storytelling – powerful images and transitions, beautifully done that can be seen and shared. Perhaps—inspiring others to read the book. Now I know how much more powerful animated features could be if we dared to approach more serious subjects!"

Craig Barron
Academy Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor
The rest of the class trailers can be seen on Isabel Allende's blog:

Pre-Production Pitch for Bloody Mary, November 2012-January 3013, Production Manager/Visdev Artist

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